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RapidSSL® offers a low price SSL solution and is delivered instantly via e-mail. Within minutes of your order your website can be secured and ready for e-commerce transactions. RapidSSL® has 99.9% browser recognition and provides an additional level of customer confidence when you display its trust seal on your site.

We recommend RapidSSL® for websites conducting low transaction volumes. If you require Mobile Ubiquity or a highly recognised dynamic site seal to instill further consumer confidence check out our GeoTrust® and Symantec® product range.

Issued Within Minutes Issued Within Minutes 4 Years Validity Up To 4 Years Validity Automated Online Validation Automated Online Validation
No Paperwork Required No Paperwork Required E-Mail Delivery Sent Via E-Mail Instantly Issuance Insurance Only $1.00 Issuance Insurance Only $1.00
Warranty $10,000 $10,000 RapidSSL® Warranty Static Trust Seal Includes Static Trust Seal 99.9% Ubiquity 99.9% Browser Recognition Rate
256 Bit Encryption 128 & 256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption SSL Installation SSL Installation Service Available Multi Year Discount Multiple Year Discounts

RapidSSL® SSL Certificates have a browser recognition rate of 99.9% which means that visitors to the secured website will not see pop-up errors or warnings. RapidSSL® offers a truly reliable SSL Certificate solution.

Buy RapidSSL® As Low As $26.96 Per Year

Our pricing structure for RapidSSL® is well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of RapidSSL® works out to be excellent value at its lowest price of only $26.96 per year.

Please use the following ordering buttons to go directly to our fully automated ordering system. Your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate will be issued within minutes of your successful order.

RapidSSL® Price Extra Discount Renew Order
1 Year $29.95   Renew Now Order Now
2 Years $56.91 5.00% Discount Renew Now Order Now
3 Years $83.11 7.50% Discount Renew Now Order Now
4 Years $107.82 10.00% Discount Renew Now Order Now

Issuance Insurance is offered with RapidSSL® for only $1.00. We will reissue your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate free of charge for the life of its validity, for any reason. More Information

RapidSSL® Automatically Secures Your Root Domain Name

When you choose to secure www in your domain name, the root domain will also be secured. Your fully qualified domain name should consist of three levels to utilize this feature.

For example, if we receive an order for, both and will be secured and included as values in the SAN fields of the issued SSL Certificate.

Wildcard Option Is Available For RapidSSL®

As an additional option, you can secure an unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name with RapidSSL® Wildcard. Our RapidSSL® Wildcard solution offers great value and is highly competitive within the SSL market at only $199.00, with additional discounts for multiple year orders. More Information

Who Will Be The Certification Authority

Your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate will be issued directly by RapidSSL®. RapidSSL® SSL Certificates are trusted by 99.9% of web browsers, ensuring your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate will be free from pop-ups or SSL Certificate errors. More Information

RapidSSL® Is Issued Within Minutes

RapidSSL® is delivered to you through the world's fastest SSL Certificate provisioning system. When you order RapidSSL® the fully automated authentication and issuance process verifies that you have administrative rights to the domain listed in the SSL Certificate.

Once you have placed your order it only takes a few moments to complete the validation requirements via an automated online validation process, your SSL Certificate will then be instantly issued. More Information

RapidSSL® Premium Installation Service

If you require technical assistance to install your SSL Certificate, please take advantage of our premium installation option. This service is available for only $69.00 and will schedule one of our experienced technical support staff to install your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate. More Information

Price Guarantee - Don't Buy Elsewhere, It's Not Worth The Risk!

As one of the largest and favourite SSL Certificate retailers globally, Trustico® sets the standard in offering a high quality SSL Certificate service. Trustico® offers fair and reasonable pricing across all product brands.

We'd prefer not to lose your your business, if you have found a cheaper price we'll ensure to welcome you as a customer of Trustico® by matching the price you have found elsewhere. Get A Price Match Now

Compare RapidSSL® With Our Other SSL Certificate Products

Each SSL Certificate has it's own unique features and benefits. We've got many SSL Certificates to choose from, check out the comparison below to ensure your getting the right SSL Certificate for your needs.

  RapidSSL® RapidSSL® Wildcard QuickSSL® Premium
Certificate Authority (CA) RapidSSL® RapidSSL® GeoTrust®
Trustico® Retail Price $29.95 $199.00 $99.00
Validation Method Domain (DV) Domain (DV) Domain (DV)
Unlimited Sub Domains No Yes No
Mobile Ubiquity Partially Supported Partially Supported Yes
Assurance Low Low Medium
Site Seal Type Static Image Static Image Dynamic Seal
Site Seal RapidSSL® Site Seal RapidSSL® Site Seal GeoTrust® QuickSSL Premium Site Seal
Included Warranty $10,000 $10,000 $500,000
Encryption Strength 128 / 256 Bit 128 / 256 Bit 128 / 256 Bit
Renew Online Renew Now Renew Now Renew Now
Order Online Order Now Order Now Order Now
Issuance Speed Issued Within Minutes Issued Within Minutes Issued Within Minutes

If you're not sure which SSL Certificate to choose please call 1300 300 SSL or visit our Contact Us page during normal business hours for further assistance. There's no risk when purchasing your new SSL Certificate right now via the Trustico® website. Click Here to find out about our no risk refund guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The products we offer are reliable, high quality and competitively priced. Trustico® includes a no risk refund guarantee on our SSL Certificate products. Within seven days of fulfilment you may request a cancellation and full refund of your qualifying SSL Certificate product for any reason. Get More Information

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