United Kingdom VAT

What You Need To Know

Trustico® by Red 16, Inc. is not currently registered for VAT and orders are not subject to VAT or taxes initiated within the European Union.

Trustico® VAT

Prior To 21 March 2019 - Your Order May Have Been Subject To VAT

The following information is applicable to orders placed prior to 21 March 2019 only. This page may no longer be updated or may contain outdated information.

If the address provided during the ordering process is outside of the European Union VAT will not be charged (0%).

If an address within the United Kingdom is provided during the ordering process, the order will be subject to VAT at the rate of 20% and will be added to the order value.

Customers who provide an address within a European Union member state are subject to Great Britain VAT at the rate of 20% unless a VAT number (or EU equivalent) is supplied during the ordering process. If a VAT number is supplied, VAT will not be charged (0%).

If you fail to provide a VAT number, VAT may be charged and it will become your responsibility to claim from your local authority.

Providing a false VAT registration number during the ordering process may be an offense. VAT registration details are checked for accuracy using automated and manual processes.

If you are required to provide a tax number it is important that it is provided correctly during the ordering process.